Elegant, yet effortlessly welcoming, Artagnan is a classic stone "Maison de Maitre". Once the "home of the Master of the village". Artagnan, since 2004, is now home to countless guests as they enjoy the perfect family holiday in South West France.

This large, yet perfectly proportioned house has been lovingly restored by a friendly British couple with children of their own. Their attention to detail is evident throughout, with little touches everywhere to constantly surprise and delight.

The interior has been tastefully decorated to retain many beautiful original features. There are panoramic views of sun-kissed countryside and the snow-capped Pyrenees to the south.

The owners occupy a detached converted barn next to the main house - they have a separate entrance and do not have access to the pool. The pool is heated.

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Jules and Julian Bowden:

The memory of our stay in Gascony still burns brightly.

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Catriona, Albert and Sarah Fleming:

Our fourth family holiday at Artagnan and it just keeps

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Aaran, Sarah, Jake, Oscar, Zac and Cosmo Henry:

Where do we start, what a fantastic holiday, thank you

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Josie, Damien and Connor Jory:

We had a wonderful week here. The Coleman’s have crea

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Roxane, Tim, and Jake Caplan:

We have just returned from Artagnan. Believe the hype

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Lindy, Bevis, Pia and Cade Comer:

We have just returned from two fantastic weeks at Artag

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Kathy, Simon, Jake and Ellen Cornwell:

We had a lovely week staying at Artagnan. Tim, Razia an

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Elaine, Dave, Alex and Cameron Law:

We had a wonderful holiday at Artagnan. The house, pool

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

James, Petra, Jessica and Toby Venton:

Just to say again how much we enjoyed our holiday with

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Katy, Jason, Tilly, Tallulah and Oscar Wheatley:

Thank you for the most relaxing family family holiday e

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Adrian, Tessa, Ralph and baby Hugh Suggett

At last – a place that’s perfect for our toddler an

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Olivia, Michael, Sebastian and Christian Veal & Jim, Clare and Conor O’Leary

Firstly an enormous thank you again for your kind hospi

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Liz, David, Adam, Victoria, Isobel, Toby, Joanne and Olivia Smith

Tim and Razia have realised everybody’s dream of bein

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Giles, Amelia, Matthew and Josh Heeger:

Just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for a g

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Isabelle, Jan, Ronan and Charlotte de Laat-Leuenberger

What a fantastic holiday! The best and by far the most

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Jacqueline, Ross, Amelia and Fergus MacEacharn

Just wanted to say what a fantastic time we had staying

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

David, Rachael, Ruby, Oliver and Jem Prasher

We have just returned from Artagnan having had what can

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Clare, James and Oscar Barclay

This is a piece of heaven and we have loved every minut

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Lamont family

It was utterly fantastic. The house itself was beautifu

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Mirchandani-Whiteside family

The level of information from the house owner was aston

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

The Barbour-Smith family (August 2011)

Thank you all once again for a lovely holiday. It was g

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Jane and Mark Maier with children Jake & Sasha (August 2011)

A thoroughly relaxing and enjoyable break. You couldn

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

The MacEachan family (Summer 2011)

Another fantastic stay but a week just doesn’t seem l

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

The Prasher family (August 2011)

Our favourite holiday place in the world. So glad we ca

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Sian, Simon, Charlotte and Libby (July 2011)

Thanks again for a superlative time. Libby and Charlott

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Samantha, David and 11 month old triplets Millie, Simon and Jonathan (June 2011)

Thank you Tim, Razia, Louis, Eva and George for giving

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Don, Linda and Sam Howell (June 2011)

Thank you so much for all your kindness. We had a lovel

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Siobhan, Gavin, Milo and Zac (June 2011)

Another very special stay at Artagnan. There is nowhere

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Catriona and daughter Sarah (June 2011)

My 5th Stay and 3rd for Sarah. Keeps getting better. Sa

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Gemma and Sean Lamont with boys Aaran and Euan (May 2011)

Another fantastic holiday at Artagnan. The kids have ad

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Don, Lin and Sam Howell (October 2012)

Our second visit didn’t think it was possible to be m

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Jules, Clare, Henry and Steffi Colborne-Baber (September 2012)

We have had a wonderful fortnight. Thanks for a relaxin

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Mike, Judith and Richard Haslam/Fons Nathalie and Jack Kuijpers (September 2012)

The accommodation was first class and the attention to

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

James and Clare Barclay, Oscar and Oliver (August 2012)

Our second visit to the haven of peace and relaxation t

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Ruari and Molly, Fiona and Mark Barbour-Smith (August 2012)

Our third visit and our expectations were high and enti

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Sian and Simon Mirchandani-Whiteside (July 2012)

Thanks to all for making our holiday the oasis of calm

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Chris, Laura, Henny and Lexi Peach (July 2012)

A truly fabulous week at Artagnan. Tim, Razia and the w

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Steven, Samantha, Jake and William Poulter (July 2012)

I can’t recommend this place enough. The family that

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Tomoko, Taizo, Kaito, Jarl Smidt-Olsen (July 2012)

This holiday was absolute bliss for all of us. With age

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Rhonda, Stephen, Fiona, James, Isabella and Sophie Day (June 2012)

Thank you all for your care and consideration in making

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Gary, Camilla, Isabel and twins Hugh and Xavi (June 2012)

We have all benefited from all the touches that make th

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Tim, Alex, Josh and twins Zack and Phoebe Worden (June 2012)

Great to be back at Artagnan! Thank you for a very rela

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Peter and Audrey (May 2012)

We had a marvellous time at Artagnan. You have a first

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Corinne, Len, Iestyn, Nia and Megan (May 2012)

Loved it from the moment we arrived. Perfect house, gre

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Simon, Rachel, Nicholas and Christopher Love, Jo and Andrew Hunt (May 2012)

Everything you could possibly need to entertain those f

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Ben, Alice, Annabel and Anna De Chassiron (April 2012)

We are so grateful to you for looking after us so incre

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Valentine, Vahan, Amelie (4) and Thomas (6) (May 2013)

Thomas (6) thinks this is the best holiday ever and he

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Caitriona, Sarah (7) and Mary (May 2013)

Another wonderful week at Artagnan exchanging laughing

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Jules, Clare, Henry (3) and Steffi (18 months) Colborne Baber (June 2013)

Thank you for another fantastic holiday. Tim Razia and

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol
21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Rhonda, Fiona, Stephen, James, Isabella (4) and Sophie (2) (June 2013)

We are grateful to you all for your care and attention

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Eamann & Genny, Andrew, Juliet, Annabel (3) and Edward (11 months) Mullins July 2013

Thank you for a wonderful week. The Children had a fant

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Sean, Gemma, Aaran (5) and Euan (4) Lamont and Dave & Eileen Cain (July 2013)

Thank you all for yet another fantastic holiday. All of

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Kate, Mark, Jake (6) Stella (5) and Luca (2.5) Wesseldine (August 2013)

What a wonderful holiday in a very beautiful part of th

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Thea Barclay

A relaxing and restful holiday spent with my family. Th

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Nancy and Alan Rosenbach

A delightful holiday spent in this wonderful location.

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

The Smidt- Olsen family with Taizo (4) and Kaito (2) July 2013

Thank you again for an excellent holiday. The new Kids

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Clare, James, Oscar (6) and Ollie (2) August 2013

This has been our 3rd visit and the experience gets bet

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Catherine Carruthers (May 2014)

This was our second time at Artagnan and we all absolut

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Andrew Lothian

Thank you again for all of your help and hospitality, i

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Andy, Catherine, Daisy (4) and Alice (2) – May 2014

Thank you so much for the lovely time we had at Artagna

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Lynn, Lisa, John, Ashley, Ryan, Lucy (3) and Ella (18 months) – June 2014

Thank you for a wonderful stay.You have created a fabul

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Paul, Wendy, Frank (4) and Oliver (2) Ð June 2014

This place is just as good as you might hope from readi

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

John, Onnagh and Sirkka “sausage” – June 2014

Finally a holiday with children that’s actually a res

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Oonagh Jobling Aitkin

It was an idyllic week. Thanks again for your wonderful

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol
21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Andrew, Juliet, Annabel and Edward – June 2014

Another wonderful week at Artagnan! Marvellous hospital

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Camilla and Andrew Symington with children Freddie (3) and George (1) – July 2014

Absolutely excellent from start to finish! We all had a

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

James, Elise, Thomas (3 1/2) and Elektra (1 3/4) – July 2014

Perfect in every way. Many thanks for a wonderful stay

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Henry and Antonia Stewart with Serena (5), Xandie (3) and Annabel (1) – July 2014

Thank you so much for such a lovely week with you at Ar

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Romilly (4), Bertie (2), Krista and Mat Morrison – August 2014

Hard to think how this could have been a better holiday

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Claire and Paul – August 2014

We’ve enjoyed a spectacularly wonderful time here at

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Ollie (3) Oscar (7) Claire and James Barclay – August 2014

Thank you for yet another unbelievably relaxing holiday

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Alfie (3) Daisy (2) Rachel and Mark Hewland – September 2014

Thank you so much Tim & Razia for an incredible wee

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol
21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Clare and Jules Colborne Baber – May 2015

Another fabulous holiday at Artagnan – the children w

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Charlotte, Richard, May (4 and a half) and Herb (2) – June 2015

A joyous holiday had by all. To cap it off – singing

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Tom, Gaby and Cosmo (17 months) Richards – June 2015

Thank you for the most fabulous and relaxing week. We h

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Steve and Judi (Grandparents of Rory and Harry)

What a precious few days we have spent with some very s

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Heidi, Chris, Rory (2 years & 3 months) and Harry (10 months) – June 2015

Fantastic week that has gone too quickly! We are taking

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Virginia, Chris, Monty, Archie with Grandparents Tony and Susan – July 2015

Our second visit to Artagnan and it has been amazing! I

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Rachel, Mark, Alfie & Daisy – July 2015

A truly perfect week – we have SO enjoyed our second

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Zoe, Laurence, Charlie (4) Jacob (16 months) – July 2015

Thank you SO much for two beautiful, perfectly relaxing

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Jan and Michael (Grandparents of Charlie and Jacob) July 2015

What a wonderful family and setting for a holiday! You

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Viv, Jo, Lowri (7), Huw (5) & Owen (2) – August 2015

Thank you for a wonderful week. We arrived tired and ja

21 Nov 17 RaziaCol
21 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Jules, Clare, Henry (6) and Steffi (4) May 2016

Thank you for another wonderful holiday. Henry and Stef

20 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Tom, Gaby, Cosmo (2 1/2) & Wilf (8 months) June 2016

Thank you so much for another wonderful holiday –

20 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Chris, Heidi, Rory, Harry and Fraser – June 2016

Another fantastic week – as usual everything has

20 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Jan & Michael – July 2016

You just think of everything! You know what a family ne

20 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Zoe, Laurence, Charlie (5) and Jacob (2) July 2016

Our second visit and just perfect! Thank you for a wond

20 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Jeremy, Tabatha, Freddie (4), Alex (2) and Olivia (8 months) July 2016

Many thanks for a wonderful week at Artagnan. We have a

20 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Rachel, Mark, Alfie (5 ) and Daisy (4) August 2016

Our third trip and all still as wonderful. We have had

20 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Chrissie, Steve, Freddie (6) & Alice (4) plus Grandparents – August 2016

You have all created for the second year running a trul

20 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Henry, Nonie, Serena (8), Xandi (5 1/2), & Annabel (3 1/2) August 2016

We had a great time (3rd visit) thank you all so much.

20 Nov 17 RaziaCol
20 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Victoria and Enzo Bonaddio (Grandparents) June 2017

Unique – we have had a most wonderful time. Thank

20 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Tom, Gaby, Cosmo (3 1/2) and Wilfy (2) June 2017

Another wonderful holiday – it just gets better a

20 Nov 17 RaziaCol

The Small family – June 2017

Our fourth and a wonderful week. Our 3 boys have adored

20 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Stuart, Mel, Eloise, Clemmie, Jemima & Nanny Mandy – July 2017

Another amazing week at Artagnan. Thank you all so much

20 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Justin, Heidi, Connor (7), Annabel (6) & Toby (3) – July 2017

Thank you all for your tremendous effort you put in thi

20 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Clare, James, Oscar (10) and Ollie (6) – July 2017

We’ve been away for 3 years and wondered why we l

20 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Mark, Rachel, Alfie (6) & Daisy (5) – August 2017

A huge thank you all – a magical week for which w

20 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Henry, Noni, Beannie (9) Xandie (6) & Annabel (4) – August 2017 (4th visit)

We absolutely love our holidays at Artagnan and have ju

20 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Amy, Henry, Biba (5) and Bertie (3) – August 2017

Artagnan lives up to and exceeds its reputation; we wer

20 Nov 17 RaziaCol
20 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Helen Skelton, Richie Myler, Ernie (2) & Louis (5 months) – 2017

Fantastic place, fantastic people, fantastic experience

20 Nov 17 RaziaCol

Lotty, Richard, May (6) Herb (5) and Wulf (10 months) – May 2018 (2nd visit)

This is our second beautiful stay in this fabulous retr

21 Jun 17 RaziaCol

Gaby, Tom, Cosmo (4) & Wilfy (2) – June 2018 (4th visit)

Another unforgettable and magical year – Artagnan

20 Jun 17 RaziaCol

Jay, Jay,Tilly and Sylvie – July 2018

We had another wonderful time making memories that we w

17 Jun 17 RaziaCol

Ali O’Neale – July 2018

Razia, Tim, Louis, Eva, George & Abbie. Thank you a

17 May 17 RaziaCol

Cath, Andy, Daisy (8) and Alice (6) – July 2018 (3rd visit)

It has been so lovely to return to Artagnan. We canR

17 Jun 15 RaziaCol

Clare, Jules, Henry (8) and Steffi (6) – July 2018 (5th visit)

Thank you for another fantastic week at Artagnan. We ha

04 Feb 15 RaziaCol

Clare, James, Oscar (11) and Ollie (7) – July 2018 (6th visit)

Over the years, we’ve come to realise that when y

04 Aug 14 RaziaCol

Mark, Rachel, Alfie (7) and Daisy (6) – August 2018 (5th visit)

Thanks you all for another wonderful stay. This is a ma

18 Dec 99 RaziaCol

Henry, Amy, Biba (6) & Bertie (4) – August 2018 (2nd visit)

A brilliant holiday at Artagnan and even better than la

18 Dec 98 RaziaCol

Valentine/Young Family with children Max (2) & Callum (1) – September 2018

Well what can we say, what a brilliant place! Not a det

18 Dec 97 RaziaCol

Maya, Katherine, Benjamin (4) Rose (21 months) & Alice (21 months) – June 2019

You have created perfection and what I thought did not

10 Jun 97 RaziaCol

Cat, Giles, Sammy (5) & Louis (3) with Evie, Gav, Olla (5) & Bobby (2) – July 2019

Thank you for the most amazing holiday. We could not ha

04 Jun 97 RaziaCol

The Richards family – July 2019 (5th visit)

What a wonderful week! You have provided a wonderful we

02 Jun 97 RaziaCol
02 May 97 RaziaCol

Neil, Dee, James (6), Harry (6) and George (1) – August 2019

Thank you to both you and Razia for such a wonderful, r

02 Apr 97 RaziaCol

Evie, Gav, Olla & Bobby + Cat, Giles, Sammy & Louis – July 2020

What a blessed relief to be able to come here to Artagn

12 Mar 97 RaziaCol

Maya, Katherine, Benjamin (6) Alice & Rose (nearly 3!) – July 2020

Another perfect week of child and adult heaven. And you

02 Mar 97 RaziaCol

Andy, Cath, Jay and family (4th visit) – July 2020

So grateful for this lovely special time again, a most

02 Feb 97 RaziaCol

Jennifer, Simon, Ella (4) & Theo (2) – August 2020

What a relaxing holiday. We have loved our week here, E

01 Jan 97 RaziaCol

James, Gill, Imogen, Sophie & Lucy – August 2020

We had an absolutely lovely week and can’t wait u

22 Aug 96 RaziaCol

Jason, Nadia,Yvie-Rose (9) & Harrison (5) – August 2021

Thank you so much Tim & Razia for an amazing two we

22 Jul 96 RaziaCol

Lawford family – August 2021

We have recently returned home from a simply superb two

20 Jul 95 RaziaCol

Maya, Katya (Granny), Benjamin (7) Alice & Rose (nearly 5) – July 2022

What a perfect place for a real holiday for young and o

21 Jul 94 RaziaCol

Cat, Giles, Sammy & Louis with Gav, Evie, Olla & Bobby – July 2022

This was our third visit to Artagnan and was as amazing

20 Jul 93 RaziaCol

Simon, Jennifer, Ella (5) Theo (4) & Oliver (1) – August 2022

Another lovely holiday at Artagnan. It was restful whic

19 Jul 92 RaziaCol

Cissy, Andy, Miri & Sofia (both 6) & Magnus (3) – August 2022

What a wonderful holiday. Thank you so much for looking

18 Jul 92 RaziaCol

Simon, Jennifer, Ella 6 (nearly7), Theo 5 & Oliver 1 (nearly2) – July 2023

Thank you for yet another lovely holiday. We’ve a

17 Jul 90 RaziaCol

Jason, Nadia, Yvie-Rose 11 & Harrison 7 – August 2023

Thank you so much Razia & Tim for another wonderful

20 Aug 89 RaziaCol

Andy and Cissy, Mirri 7, Sofia 7 & Magnus 5 – August 2023

Another truly wonderful fortnight. We have all properly

03 Sep 88 RaziaCol