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Henry and Antonia Stewart with Serena (5), Xandie (3) and Annabel (1) – July 2014

21 Nov 17
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Thank you so much for such a lovely week with you at Artagnan. We all loved it and the children had a blast! We have tried several options for family holidays over the past few years and we both felt that last week was the best yet; the combination of nice weather, a lovely place to stay, knowing that the children were having a lovely time in the mornings but in a homely way rather than in a more stereo-typical “kids club”, being able to do a bit of work as necessary and yet still have time to relax and then all have time together. It was our IDEAL holiday! Thank you also for doing the (enormous!) weekly shop for us at the beginning – not having to go to the supermarket makes all the difference!!